An in-depth look at missions in India!

A powerful film that shows what can happen when ordinary people trust in an extraordinary God.


Sharing the Light

The journey that led us from pre-production to the finished film has been an exciting and life changing experience. Our passion has always been for filmmaking to bring glory to God, and we believe this project has allowed us to do just that.
We made this documentary with the intention of giving Christians a chance to realize that no matter how dark your surroundings, you can shine brightly for Christ. No one person can light up the entire world, but we can all light up our corner of it. Together, average individuals like you and I can make a difference Ė here, and throughout the world.

We are so excited to share with you this film. Our hearts were broken and changed through our experiences in India. We will never forget the joy of seeing Christians who have led their people to Christ, or shedding tears at the testimonies of those persecuted. We cannot watch the film without memories of both pain and triumph in a darkened place. Throughout our entire  trip, Godís hand was wrapped tightly around our hearts, both burdening and encouraging us to do more for Him.

We experienced God on a deep and intimate level that words can barely describe. Our desire is that the God we felt in our hearts was fully captured by our lens, so that you may also feel His power, and His grace.

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Light in the Darkness
A documentary film featuring real people and stories from the country of India. Conflict over religion extends to every culture and country on the globe today, and India is no exception. This documentary presents an amazing mission field where God is doing a great work; lives are being changed, and churches are being planted.

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This film is powerful!  I recently had the privilege of spending several weeks in India for a mission's trip.  The production team was able to capture the sense of chaotic spiritual energy that seems to permeate the subcontinent.  I'm excited to share this film with our church family in order to shed more light onto the spiritual condition of India while encouraging our people to evangelize those with whom they come into contact.  I highly recommend this important film.

Pastor Josh Teis


A refreshing change from most of what we hear from the realm of missions in general, but especially concerning a place like India. It was very refreshing to watch a film whose burden was unapologetically evangelistic. There is simply no hook besides the Great Commission.

Missionary Jake Taube


I made the small investment to bring this film to our church so that we could pull back the curtain of India, and impact our people. Light in the Darkness is impactful for everyone in your congregation.

The stories you'll hear will challenge your people to share the Gospel in their neighborhoods, at their workplaces, and around the world. It will challenge them to consider it a joy to give all to Christ. I highly recommend this film and would challenge you to prayerfully consider making it available to your church.
Pastor Tate Throndson


Light in Darkness is excellent. It is professionally done, inside and out. And while I appreciate the fact that it was done by Christians, I was afraid it was going to have a certain slant on the content and presentation and not necessarily depict the entire scope of what is going on in India. The first ten minutes took care of that as it is filled with very personal interviews of people from all walks of life and all different religions. For me, doing that was extremely powerful. The producers didn't want to just paint India with a broad brush. Instead, they let the people speak for themselves. Some of those first interviews were extremely moving... very thought-provoking.

Having been there myself and witnessed India first hand, I was still hit pretty hard. God used this film to stoke the missionary flames in my heart. I'm confident it will cause the same effect in many, many others. And it was for that very reason that I was so excited when I heard someone was going to do a project like this - that others would be convicted to go to the mission field, or even to give more so that others might go.

Missionary Matthew Cretzman


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